The New Features of Instagram

Instagram Includes Carousel Photos, Clickable Images for Marketers 
In a very important upgrade, Instagram is capitulating to advertiser needs by enabling clickable links in their advertisements. But not for routine users, only for paid marketing. At the same time, they are likewise enabling carousel-style pictures to appear at one time. However once more, just for advertisers. It’s not hard to imagine several of these features appearing to users if/when Instagram decides it should be so, but in the meantime if you buy real Instagram followers and likes it does make advertising on the platform much more innovative and a lot more quantifiable.
Your Brand name’s Facebook Likes May Fall on March 12

Later on today, you might have less fans on Facebook than you do today. If you’re one of the (couple of) brands left determining success by fan counts, you might want to caution your bosses that this is coming. It’s really not a bad thing, as Facebook is merely removing accounts of those who have passed away or willingly deactivated their accounts. In truth, it might make your targeting and your engagement rate ever so a little higher. But on the flipside you you buy real Twitter followers and reweets you will be pretty safe 🙂
Google+, We Hardly Knew Ya
Google+ the social media network that was never specifically social or networked is breaking itself apart. Google announced today that Google+ will split into a Photos service and a Streams service, with Streams being the news feed as a standalone. Hangouts will certainly survive, however will not belong to Google+ any longer. This Wired article does a good task explaining it all while making a rather engaging argument that this step makes Google+ more fascinating than ever. A company we use for this process is BSF in fact here is a great  review for you to look at .
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